About Us

Founded in 1988, Shearson Publishing is based in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in the production of calendars for both the retail and corporate marketplace.

Shearson focuses on regional Travel and Events and City Events calendars that act as travel guides by providing listings of events and directories for travel services, attractions and festivals as well as stunning travel photography. Our other signature line is the Cool Sites panoramic line – the perfect office cubicle calendar that we developed. Our newest line is the City Walks that come with a Matchbook Map Guide, the perfect travel map to help a traveller explore a city neighborhood in depth.

Our mission is to provide our customers with unique, value-added calendars that offer spectacular photography together with information that will enhance their travel experience.

Mailing Address:

Shearson Publishing
411 Washington Ave. N. Suite 20
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 USA



Direct: 612-331-5178
Fax: 612-343-0400
Order: 800-800-9839


Craig Johnson: Production, Printing, and Proprietary Product Development
Carol Farrington: Operations Manager, Accounts Payable, Photo Editor
Susan Shearer: Sales and Marketing; Retail Sales, Custom Calendar Program
Matt Wolleat: Web Site Management
Anna Peterson: Prepress


Do you publish books?
No, we offer full-service production services from design through to binding and shipping. We do not publish and market books for individuals.

Where is Shearson located?  How can I contact you?
Shearson Publishing is located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. Our mailing address is:
411 Washington Ave. N., Suite 20
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: 612-331-5178
Fax: 612-343-0400
Toll-free: 800-800-9839

How do I get permission to use images from your calendars?
Contact us at the address above with the image you’re interested in and we’ll contact the photographer to try to secure permission.

How do I submit a calendar idea?
We’re always open to new calendar ideas and have a standard fee agreement in place if we would choose to proceed with an idea. Contact us at the phone number or address above.

How can we link to your site?
Send us an email and we will let you know if we’re interested. We often ask for a reciprocal link. Send the request to Craig Johnson using my first name followed by Thanks.

How can I submit photography for consideration?
Please consult our Submission Guidelines in the Photographers area in the Information section of the site.

How can I contact one of your photographers?
Call us or send us a request via email or regular mail with the photographer’s name and we will supply you with the information as appropriate.

How can I get a review copy of one of your calendars?
Send us your request via mail or fax and we will review the request.

I’m having a problem with your site?
Oftentimes it’s a browser problem and it may be as simple as refreshing the page. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please call us on our toll-free number and we’ll try to resolve the issue  over the phone.


Return Policy

If you are a bookstore that has ordered on a returnable basis, call us at 800-800-9839 for a return authorization number. There are no cash refunds – a credit will be given against next year’s order. If you are an individual that has received a defective copy or the wrong title, call us at the number above and we will rectify the problem.