Submission Schedule

Panoramic Calendars: 2017 Cool Sites:
Mountains, Trees, Water, Italy.

Large Format Calendars: 2017 City Events, Travel & Events, City Walks and Style:
Twin Cities, Boston, California, Florida, Minnesota, New England, Texas, The Appalachian Trail, A Walk in Paris

We accept submissions for the 2017 calendars from 6/15/2015 to 10/1/2015. Send submissions to:

Shearson Publishing

411 Washington Avenue North, Suite 20
Minneapolis, MN, 55401.

Please note:

After completing a title’s layout, we will contact you for permission to use.

* Files submitted on disk for review only can be “LOW-RES”. We require meta data fields with all images (CD’s and light boxes) that include the photographer’s name, the location, and a reference number for each image.

* Any final images selected will have to be submitted as “HIGH-RES” (300dpi at the calendar’s final size plus four sides’ bleed), CMYK or RGB and TIFF/EPS format. Calendar’s final size: Coolsites Calendar: 6.5 x 15 inches. Travel & Events Calendar: 14 x 10.25 inches, City Events and Style: 12 x 12 inches.

For planning purposes, Cool Sites layouts are scheduled to be finished by 11/1/2015 and City Events and Travel & Events and City Walks by 2/1/2016. Pre-press work begins in November and printing is done in May and June. Prior to printing you will receive a summary listing of all selected images to assist you in generating an invoice to Shearson. Upon publication, all photography invoices are scheduled for September payment.

Shearson’s Fee Schedule and Guidelines

In order to keep low-run titles in our collection (ultimately benefiting our photographers), we’ve decided to modify our fee schedule to more accurately reflect an individual calendar’s revenue.

The following fees are based on our 2012 print totals. We will finalize fees based on actual print runs in May when we send out summarized photography usage statements.

Print runs of less than 4,000: Large monthly – $200.00 Cover – $300.00

(Titles include: California, Minnesota, Pacific Northwest, Mountains, Chicago, Trees, Florida, New York Style, and A Walk in Rome)

Print runs of more than 4,000: Large monthly – $250.00 Cover – $350.00

(Titles include: Water, New England, Boston, Twin Cities, A Walk in Paris, The Appalachian Trail)

Fees for the cover image include the usage as a large monthly image inside. All large monthly images are used on the back cover as a year-at-a-glance to enable customers to see what is pictured inside as the calendars are shrinkwrapped. One is also used as a sample month on the back cover as well. We use the cover images images in our print catalog and all wall calendar images are displayed on our electronic catalog (our website). These marketing uses are covered by the above fees and are intended to increase our print runs and ultimately our fees to our photographers. We will watermark a Shearson Publishing copyright as requested on any images displayed on the site.

Exclusive calendar usage for the calendar year is necessary for cover images only.

Volume discounts and single photographer/agency titles will be managed on an individual basis.

New Photography Guidelines

Shearson Publishing is always eager to hear from new photographers and to see their work. We work with a small core group, but we are constantly looking for new talent to compliment this group. We suggest that you initially submit up to 40 of your best for evaluation. This should represent (at most) 5% of your current stock files. Please note that we do not accept or pay research fees.

When submitting be sure to include meta data to better ensure the care and credit of your photography. Please edit your work carefully and send only those transparencies that fit our calendar subjects. Please note that we make frequent rejections of photographers, for the most part due to image quality or subject matter. Please review our titles and style on our calendar pages. The utmost care will be taken of your material but we will not be liable for any loss or damage while in our possession. We have limited liability and suggest that you carry your own insurance.

Digital Photo Submission Guidelines

Shearson Publishing Digital Submissions Guidelines Image capture format: In-camera JPEG files are sufficient for our needs. Industry-wide best practices for capture formats are discussed at We want to be able to view lo-res images at a height of at least 400 pixels when we click on them to view in detail.

File naming: You may use your own filenaming schema.

We advise you to place your own image identifier in the IPTC ‘Document Title’ field. (In Photoshop, use the File Info command.) We will assign our own file naming system after we choose images and receive final hi-res files.

Industry-wide best practices for file naming are discussed at

File delivery format: Please deliver the image files to us in TIFF (.tif) format.

Industry-wide best practices for delivery formats are discussed at

Image resolution: We print with halftone screens of 200 lines per inch. Therefore, we request that submitted images have a resolution between 260 and 400 pixels per inch with the image at the actual height and width settings that will be used in print. Please set the color depth to 8 bits per channel.

Industry-wide best practices for resolution are discussed at Please convert the file to the Adobe RGB (1998) color space and embed the ICC color profile.

Industry-wide best practices for color spaces and profiles are discussed at

Sharpening: Please apply only capture sharpening.

Industry-wide best practices for sharpening are discussed at

Metadata: Please include the following types of metadata with your images:

Caption and Description


Photographer credit/copyright info

Document Title (for your filename)

Location, City, State-Province, Country, Country Code Industry-wide best practices for metadata are discussed at

Releases: Model releases are not required. Please obtain a property release as specified in details below, and make a reference in the metadata.

Although model releases and property releases are not legally required for editorial use of images, we encourage you to obtain releases when you can, and to keep them permanently. If there is a question about releases (such as art pieces), we will clear before using. Industry-wide best practices for releases are discussed at Guide prints: You may submit a guide print if you wish. Industry-wide best practices for guide prints are discussed at File transfer method: We prefer that your images be delivered to us via CDR/DVDR sent by postal mail.

Additional notes: If you have questions, please call us. We can set up an ftp box for you to send images or we can also view lightboxes which you can set up by calendar title or subject matter. If using light boxes,we would like to have instructions that show how we can download images that we are interested in using. Please include a contact name and phone number for inquiries and follow-up.