TravelStyl+’s Guide to Lake Country, Argentina

After leaving southern Patagonia, we flew to Bariloche, Argentina in Rio Negro’s Lake Country that stretches through the Andes from Argentina into Chile. The lakes are similar to the lochs of Scotland in size and look and are also like Lake Tahoe in clarity of the water.  Stunning, beautiful and really, really big are some […]

TravelStyl+’s Guide to Patagonia

We left Buenos Aires to embark on the part of the trip we were most looking forward to for both the hiking and the landscape…Patagonia. We flew to El Calafte, the gateway to Patagonia on the Argentine side. In hindsight, Puerto Natales, Chile is far closer to Torres del Paine N.P., Chile than El Calafte, […]

TravelStyl+’s Guide to Buenos Aires

I am finally getting around to looking back at our month-long trip to Argentina and Chile in November. It’s the first post in a series where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite moments and passing along restaurants, shops, hotels and stops that will make your trip more enjoyable. We decided to start off in […]

Traveling as an older couple…

We have recently retired from the day-to-day operations of our small publishing company and merged our business with Willow Creek Press. We are now planning some new travel adventures that we have been putting off in anticipation of this time. Our plan is to spend more time in some areas to enable us to become […]